As vital as a fire extinguisher!

Prompt defibrillation may result in survival rates of up to 46% in witnessed cardiac arrest.



Defibtech continues to be a reputable brand, and with the Lifeline’s characteristics it maintains its position as a leader in the pre hospital defibrillator market. There are more and more inferior defibrillators entering the market, and it is critical that the end user of a defibrillator is purchasing a unit from a reliable company that will be in business for the life of the unit and beyond.

What makes Defibtech defibrillators stand out from the rest?

•   7 year battery life for the semi and fully automatic units
•   8 year warranty on all units
•   24 hour replacement (to the purchaser)
•   High IP ratings for dust and water
•   Manufactured in the US with FDA approval
•   Lightweight and portable 1.4kg and 2kg
•   Crush proof to 450kg

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