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Blended Courses

We are excited to announce that we are now offering blended courses! This is the perfect first aid training option for time poor individuals, or businesses that cannot afford to have staff off for a full day. We are offering this style of learning for HLTAID001...

How to administer an Epipen

Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia have released this simple animation ahead of Food and Allergy Week (14-20 May). Remember...ANAPHYLAXIS = ADMINISTER EPIPEN. Knowing how to administer an epipen can help save lives!   [video width="1280" height="720"...

Stroke Diagnosis Helmet

This helmet has the ability to help paramedics determine if a patient is having a stroke due to a clot or a bleed. If it is determined to be a clot, clot dissolving treatment can be commenced quickly and the consequential quality of life for the patient may be greatly...

Help us teach all kids CPR!

This 8 year old boy learnt first aid at school and saved another child's life! We want all kids to learn CPR and basic lifesaving's so important. Our "Kids Can Save Lives" course is inexpensive but full of real life practical skills for kids....

Funnel Web Spider Plague

This article has some interesting facts about funnel web spiders. They make most people's skin crawl, but if you're brave enough watch the video showing the funnel web spider on the bottom of the inflatable kids pool at Terrigal. They're out and about! Do you remember...

Managing Tick Bites

Managing Tick Bites

Clinical Associate Professor Sheryl van Nunen, based at Royal North Shore Hospital, explains how to manage tick bites. Watch a valuable video from the Manly Daily on how to remove ticks correctly. Read the full article here

How to prevent sudden cardiac death in the young

Professor Chris Semsarian, a cardiologist whose research is revealing the secrets of inherited heart disorders, looks at how we can prevent sudden cardiac death in otherwise healthy people. You Tube Published on You Tube 2nd Feb 2015

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